Follow our 6 easy steps to creating your perfect cake:
1. What is your favourite cake flavour?
The basic options are chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or carrot cake. However you are not limited to these four options.
2. What is your favourite kind of filling?
We love doing a ganache filling and covering our cakes with swiss meringue buttercream. Our buttercream has a smooth texture and is not sweet. Alternatively you can consider a whipped cream or cream cheese icing. Keep in mind that flavouring is added to the buttercream and the flavour possibilities are endless - think of caramel, coffee, hazelnut, bubblegum etc.
3. How many people will share the cake?
The amount of people will determine the size of your cake. 
4. How would you like your cake to be decorated?
The outside of the cake can be covered in buttercream, cream cheese icing, whipped cream etc. We prefer to not cover cakes with fondant. You can also consider the naked cake or semi-naked look with fresh/edible or plastic flowers or even fruit. The covering should of course match with the them of the event. If you have any pictures of what you have in mind please send it through.
5. When will you need the cake?
The time of year could also have an impact on the type of filling and covering that can be used. Also consider whether the cake will be served indoors or outside.
6. Collection or delivery?
Simple one and two tier cakes can easily be collected from us. However, larger and more complex cakes are a bit more tricky to transport and we suggest making use of our delivery and setup services.
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